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    General Information

    • General Information

      Academic Affairs Office (AAO) of Nanjing Agriculture University is an administrative department which undertake the operation, administration and services of undergraduate education. AAO integrated it's responsibility with the National Experimental Teaching Center for Plant Production, and included seven sections.

      National Experimental Teaching Center for Plant Production  relying on the crop and plant protection 2 national level key subject, crop cultivation and tillage, crop genetics and breeding, plant pathology, agricultural insect and pest control, pesticide science, vegetables and so on 6 national key subjects of secondary level, integration of crop science, agricultural information, comprehensive prevention and control of pest, gardening and other construction and experimental teaching center.


    • Offices

      Comprehensive affairs office is responsible for the management of funds, documents, and comprehensive affairs within the department.

      Teaching research and quality assessment office is responsible for undergraduate education plan, teaching quality assessment and monitor, teaching reform projects management.

      Teaching operation office is responsible for curriculum, classroom, and examinations arrangement, registration, post-graduate recommendation, and student information services. 

      Textbook management office is responsible for the construction of textbooks and online courses including MOOCs .

      Practical teaching office is responsible for the management of experimental teaching, student research training, and management of teaching laboratories and bases.

      Teaching network and informatization office is responsible for the informatization of teaching,  information collection and dissemination, and management of  Multi-Media Classroom.

      National experimental teaching center for plant production office is responsible for the management of assets,large-scale instruments, documents, and comprehensive affairs within the center .